Concept Development

We take our clients’ communications needs and ideas, and collaborate with them to develop the most effective, engaging method to deliver their message.


This is the blueprint for the entire production process—we schedule, research, cast for talent, scout locations, and more.


On location or in the studio, with a large crew or a small one, actors or interviews, production is when the video really starts to take shape and become tangible. Metro’s skilled production crew members have worked with hundreds of clients around the world, and are experts in videography, lighting, direction, staging, audio, and more.


This is where your video, graphics, and audio come together to form your final product. Through collaboration with the producer, editor, and client we perform the initial cuts and final mastering all in-house. Clients can come into our office and participate, or track progress on our password-protected FTP site. You can even check out progress on a mobile device.


Metro’s graphic designers create 3D, 2D, logos, and motion graphics, both to complement video and for graphics-only productions.

Sound Design

Our audio specialists design the sound effects, music, voiceover, and all other audio “sweetening” for our projects. We can also record in Metro’s sound booth.

Multiformat Delivery

No matter how you need it, we can deliver it. Based on client needs, we can provide the files for mobile devices, Blu-Ray, DVD, web files, and more.


We do all kinds of multimedia– website design and maintenance, duplication, graphics, and interactive displays.

Stereoscopic 3D

Metro is one of the few firms in the mid-Atlantic that has Steroscopic 3D capability. We can shoot and edit in 3D, and also use 3D graphics.